既然已经没有人来这儿了,我打算偷偷回来 - []




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梦中人儿 - []



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她一生的愿望其实是做一个游吟诗人 - []









   那天下午我的老大家去人民公园看菊花然后回来写采作文。我没去出了校门直接去了一家茶打麻将。我得我要做一副将却偏偏做不成追我的小混混在旁看牌我喜的未来画家在另一和人高谈阔论。有一天他和别的同学我要不要看Pink Floyd的《The Wall》于是在美教室看了碟。得有很色情意味的开篇是也有仿粹的事化集体训练场的来是符号化。我从来就不喜符号化的西包括旗下的蛋。但也有的乐队是毫不符号化的但我却不知道入哪一类。比如Portishead,加也不听。


    了些年我念大学相交好的同学当然不多女生我是个脾气不会和女生特别好但也不会和男生打得火。最要好的一个男生知道我于是找到他认为滚的磁送我Metallica但那的是The doorsPosted by at 02:19:00 | Read more | Comments (5) | Trackback (0) | Edit |

好多年前,阿土伯帮我翻译了一个章节的《陶城里的武士四四》 - []

Chapter 10



Actually, today I feel extremely nervous. I am so nervous as if there is a song kept singing in my mind, which name is I am cranberry.

I may get a bad memory when I feel nervous. So I am such a mess now, I cant remember anything.

But I can start from the very beginning if you want to listen. Everything started with a lipstick, I cant find this extremely amorous lipstick when I get up this morning. I was spacing out and sitting beside the window, using an elastic and fasten my hair then made it a ponytail. I push the only furniture in my home, the bed, here and there. But I still cant find my extremely amorous lipstick. I folded my arms sit on the windowsill for a long while, recollect a city which is so far away. The dam of that city collapsed and the tide submerged all the people there, thus they live under the water. All the women there have very fast grown hair which is so green and long and spread to the surface of the water then made everything jade green. Its gorgeous. They also use a kind of lipstick which has extremely amorous colour while their faces remain white like blank paper. It is long ago I had a lover who came from that place. We have had a romantic story which I cant simply tell you. Yes I cant let you know because I will stumble like a fool. I will pat your ear impatiently just for in case you fall asleep. The only thing which belongs to that lover and still in my place is his name and that extremely amorous lipstick. But it disappeared this morning. After that the broadcasting started. Then I heard the following news.


  “The landscaping department of the pottery city will bring in the first batch of grass seed tomorrow. The first round of landscaping project will also start from tomorrow and the citizen of the pottery city will be glad to see the long expecting greenness very soon.”


The only greenness I’d like to see is the jade green hair which floating in the tide of that remote city. It’s a kind of greenness full of luxury and bewitchery. Besides that, I abhor any other form of greenness. It will be ideal if there are only the rusted steel pieces and the amorous rose color on my lips also the dust in the air exist in the Pottery city. Damn the phony withering greenness. I feel nervous. I’m afraid when I first step out of the boiler factory I may find that all the factories have been fallen apart and become flat. I will have nothing left; no matter it is banana tree apple tree peach tree pear tree even the tomato tree that blocks my grand boundless view. Next time when you back here, you won’t see me sitting on the stairs of the boiler factory, folding my arm and smoking. Even the color of my pupils will become depressing blackness. I will be so depressed and become a strawberry hanging upside down on one of the trees. How could you find me in this way? Am I so bravery to hold my small knife? Fighting with them alone?

   I took your overcoat and put on my little black high heels in confusion. Without that amorous lipstick my lips became white as blank paper. It’s pity that my hairs appear in neither green nor red, it’s a kind of flaxen like dishcloth. So when I reclined on the bed I will be no difference with a dishcloth. There was a woman in green who follow me when I walk on the street today. I was hanging around on the street and needn’t to go to work. The sun of the Pottery City seems rusted and hung at the end of the boulevard. I was totally in trance and kept walking around in the mud, pull out my heels from the slush. I am a heartbreaking clown who is completely useless. If you have ever caught a glimpse of me like this I can guarantee you won’t talk to me anymore. I was still trailed by that woman in green. I suspect if she is not the first batch of grass seed which just arrived in Pottery City, she must be the one who stole my lipstick. So I felt so nervous and kept looking back. It’s my first time have such feeling that there is an enemy in my life, that is the woman in green who follow me at this very moment. Sometimes she may look back when she ahead of me. I hummed a weird rhythm “I am cranberry I am cranberry I am cranberry”. Countless cranberries filled in my eyes. I zigzagged like a cranberry which is upside down. It’s truly my first time had such feeling that there is an enemy in my life, and she must be the one who stole my lipstick. I began to feel unusual threat. She kept the same pace as mine, whenever I quickened she will do the same. We became two changing shadows on the broad way of Pottery City. Actually I had no idea where I was heading. I constantly out of my mind and kept walking ahead. Even my feet would become flat. Even I could merely hummed “I am cranberry”.


You may say let us kill’em all. Kill all the enemies.


But today I realized there are no friends in Pottery City. There are only Lovers and Enemies walk around here. As for myself, I am just a small nut, rolling back and forth without any difficulty. So I was surrounded my enemies.


I took off my high heels holding in my hand and running on my bare feet. Pottery City will never ever be a place suitable for running-on-bare-feet. Because even the broadest road may suddenly popped up a nail or two. That’s why I seldom run but prefer jumping around at the proper place. I feel like being a flat feet. I feel my feet so uncomfortable while running. But I just want to get rid of the woman in green who tail behind me. I really suspect she stole my lipstick and keep running like hell, toward the rusted sun hanging at the end of the road. The sun will be stored in the warehouse and roll out during the daytime, hanging around with the greasy dirt on his body. He grows old everyday and there is no place for him to take a shower in the warehouse. Eventually he becomes so dirty as the magnificent and grand Pottery City. And now I am running toward to him in a broad way.

  Today I am off, so I run to the end of the broadest way of the city to watch the fun. Everybody wants to see the first batch of grass seeds arrive in Pottery City today. I am late for going with them because I wasted my time on finding an amorous lipstick. Besides I am wearing a small uncomfortable black leather shoe. Anyway, I want to go there and stand among the first row, watching fun.

I am rolling and jostling my way through my dearest enemies. I want to see what the hell the grass seeds look like. They are banana tree apple tree peach tree pear tree even tomato tree, all just trunks with few leaves on and muddy roots. When each truck loaded with seeds pass us, my dearest enemies may burst out a shout of hurrah which shake the dusts in the air keep falling down. I begin to sneeze. It has been long time I haven’t watch something fun. So today I am really eager to join the crowd. Jostling back and forth with joy. Later on all the trucks parked on a muddy vacant lot, all the people who watch the excitement gradually dispersed. They laugh and leave with a greenish dream, but I am still there, so much as I have no idea when my high heel stick in the mud. I feel like I should grab ten red rubber balloons in my left hand while my right hand has ten yellow one. But my both hands are empty and the only thing they grab is my pocket. I am completely at loss. Finally, drivers of these trucks also leave the place. They shut the door perkily.

Walk together and go for some drinks. It’s closing time, the aftermost sun roll back to a warehouse, it’s god damn dirty there but he just like to hide in it. I like the sun.

 I was on my way home, walking slowly in the broadest street.  When passing Xiao Lanmao’s grocery, I entered and ordered a cup of coffee.  He was fiddling with an ugly china flowerpot.

What’s this?  Someone will buy your Indian snuff after it puts on a more ugly covering?  You are just kidding!”  Coffee in Xiao Lanmao’s is always cold with plenty of coffee beans residue, but really charming just like cigarettes.

No, I won’t use it to store snuff.  I will use it to plant a tree.”  Xiao Lanmao faced upward, taking for granted that he would plant a tree even taller than a lighthouse.

It’s better for you to plant chips in your ears.  Crispy!”

No.  I will plant a plantain tree.  Only my grandpa has seen this kind of tree.  It’s even more aged than dinosaurs.”

I was trembling all around, trembling.  I saw the charming and outrageous lighthouse suddenly became a presumptuous plantain tree, guffawing.  Xiao Lanmao clapped and said, “trembling!”

Enemies are everywhere,” I told Xiao Lanmao fiercely.

Am I?  Don’t you know me?  I am Xiao Lanmao.”  He stared with tired eyes, black eye sockets sunken just as shedding tears.

You are the biggest, biggest idiot!”

When I was watching the special scene, I laid a curse upon the seeds.  The curse was supposed to be that make you all become damned little strawberries, hanging upside down in the air until you all become strawberry jam, rotting away in the bloody, dense redness in the sky of the pottery city.  I swear!

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i'm trying - []



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身体相斥 - []




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励志人 - []


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旧blog,我发神经病了 - []



八个没有脚的人 - []




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小说 - []





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有一天,在火车站 - []


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